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Neural Network Package :: Multi-Layer Perceptron (ai::nnet::mlp)

Product Overview

The plexso Engine package or C++ library ai::nnet::mlp is designed for designing, implementing and simulate feed forward multi-layer perceptron neural networks.

Multi-layer perceptron neural networks are unpayable for applications where formal analysis would be difficult, such as nonlinear system identification or pattern recognition.

Depending on your personal preference or your business needs a C++ library or a GUI based software package is available.


Key Features:

  • Engineered for Function Approximation
  • GUI Based Software System available
  • Feed Forward Multi-Layer Network Architecture
  • Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm
  • Transfer Functions
  • Preprocessing and Postprocessing Functions

Version History:

Function List

System Requirements


  • Compiled on Ubuntu
  • Compiler GCC 4.??


  • Windows XP (no Vista)


C++ Library:

plexso Engine

Product Support

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C++ Library:

plexso Engine

  • no samples available